Extruder Goliat 3 mm


194,00 zł

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Features of our extruder:

  1. Designed to mount directly on the motor in a housing Nema 17, with the torque of no less than 0.5 Nm.
  2. Designed for filament 1.75 mm and 3 mm. In the case of filament 3mm should absolutely install transmissions.
  3. Works with sleeve MK7 and TG7.
  4. Entirely made of high quality aluminum.
  5. Version available for direct extrusion for the head with the handle j-head and Bowden.
  6. It has a place to attach the fan 40mm x 40mm.
  7. For Goliath exstruder are included mounting screws and pneumatic connector for feed tube filament.
  8. Goliath is assembled.
  9. Weight 100g.


Price does not include extruder motor bushings MK7 (TG7) and fan.

Bush TG7 - equivalent MK7 is available in our store.